Construction Installation Projects


Started doing installation work on a very small scale. My first job was $4,000 by the time I was 20 years in I had done projects that had gone over $500,000. The size of the project is not as important as the detail that is in it.

North Scottsdale

North Scottsdale is one of the most challenging design areas in the state of Arizona. Utilizing the flow of the land with   over sized boulders and placement of indigenous plants. There is a lot of sophisticated elements to set one house from the other apart.

East Valley

The fastest growing area in the state of Arizona. The East valley projects always seem to be some of the largest we do both commercially and residentially. Our pricing and unique ability to give customers what they want is why East Valley Residents continue to seek us out as their Landscape Construction Company.

Sedona 1990-1996

The biggest commercial and residential boom seem to take place during this period. There was basically 2 landscapers in the small town and it allowed me to do a lot of challenging work.


The artificial capital of the state. This area seems to gravitate to turf and palms trees. The further Peoria has stretched it is taking on a lot North Scottsdale attributes and rules.

Commercial Buildings

The most challenging projects can be those you drive by everyday. From Shopping Centers, Assisted Living facilities, Restaurants, and even schools are all part of our years of experience.