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Maintenance Service


How do you plan keep your yard looking great?

The best way to keep your yard looking good year round is a game plan on how you are going to care for it daily, weekly, monthly. Then what is your game plan for feeding, watering, & preventative weed growth. Here is what we do to carry out proper maintenance on your yard


We start with an execution plan

We plan out how to care for your yard daily-weekly-monthly-yearly and assign the right person for each of these assignments. For one low monthly rate starting at $88.00 we include all of the following services!


Ferti-Bloom Fertilizer

We have a custom blend of Fertilizers that we use different times of year for different types of plants. This is entirely based on weather, soil type, sun exposure, and what the plant is showing it needs based on what the leaf(s) are telling you or how the blooms are performing



Wifi Controller with app

Our team will suggest a Wifi-Controller that will send information concerning your yard daily back to our office. Our team then keeps your controller programmed to water based on the weather, moisture in the soil, & the requirements of certain plants. With this information we produce easy to understand monthly reports on your yards past and current water use.


Flow Meter Control Sensor

This little gadget goes in right before the valves and is wired to the controller above so they can talk and send you information as needed. The meter will tell you how many gallons of water you are using for each valve. It will also tell you if there is a break in the line somewhere in your yard. Essential for yards with lots of plants or even yards with lawns. This sensor sends information to our office daily so we can keep a monitored report on lawn and garden areas.


Fertilizer Tank

Ferti-bloom will place a tank in your drip and sprinkler system to feed your plants as they need it. This has long been the secrets to how nurseries make their plants look so good all the time. Now you can have the same ability to keep the plants looking as good or better than the day you purchased it.

Monthly Service

Professional Layout / Reports


Typical diagram showing everything the controller and sensor monitors in your yard. We will completely take care of the drip system, sprinkler system, fertilizing, weed and noxious grasses for one low monthly cost.

Weed Control


Let our licensed professionals take the danger out of spraying the weeds and noxious grasses. 

Spot spraying


If you ever get a pesky pop-up weed we will send a technician out to spot spray them at no additional cost.